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Nigeria: Controversy As Police Arrest Another ‘Serial Killer’ in Port Harcourt

The particular authorities in Port Harcourt have announced the arrest of yet another suspected serial killer linked with the recent killings targeting women in the town.

In an announcement late Thursday, the police described Gracious Brian West as “the well known serial killer” behind a string of fatal approaches on young women in Port Harcourt and its suburbs.
The police have not provided specifics of the murders linked to Mr David West, especially on the motive, the victims identity, when and where she was killed.
Residents have been gripped by fears since the first body of a woman was reportedly found at a hotel three months ago.
Residents said at least 10 female bodies with a similar pattern of strangulation had been found in separate hotels around Port Harcourt within the period. The police said they were only aware of eight cases.
Police said Mr David West had allegedly admitted responsibility for smothering one of the women.

The police identified him as a member of Degbam, a cult gang dreaded across the state for its crude tactics, especially beheading associated with targets.
The police wrongly named the suspect’s nearby government of origin because Buguma, which is really the headquarters of Asari-Toru Local Government Area plus not an LGA within itself.
The police furthermore circulated a video displaying Mr David West buying as much as an attack upon a woman with who he had checked right into a hotel. The suspect’s encounter appeared to match the particular one observed in a virus-like footage from the hotel protection camera on September eighteen.

Still, the short confessional video posted online simply by the Force Headquarters do not contain Mr Jesse West’s admission to the particular remaining suspected serial killers.
Each day before Mr Jesse West was arrested, Channels police commissioner, Mustapha Dandaura, told reporters two possible foods had been used into custody for their own tasks in the fatal episodes.

Reporters were furthermore told at the briefing that certain of the potential foods was arrested in Slot Harcourt together made ‘confessional statement’.
The think apparently tried to smother the sex worker during argument over payment, regulation observance said.
The commissioner’s declaration on September eighteen produced an appearance targeted in placating irate women that had trapped the Streams police order office in Port Harcourt to condemn him for seemingly downplaying the episodes “because the targets were commercial intercourse workers”.
The particular women said the law adjustment should become more technological with their handling of the murders rather than nourishing the public with speculations.
They also demanded better security at hotels and other open public facilities in order to control the violence.

Even though the regulation enforcement had received commendations for making arrests, the dilemma being developed by the officers’ marking of each suspect as “the serial killer” could irritate fears of concerned residents that the monster continued to be in particular.

Whilst Mister David West accepted stabbing his victim before low dye strapping her with a pillow case, the authorities said the suspect arrested on September 18 “tried to smother his victim”.
Still, not one narration matches the design of strangulation observed in practically all the cases attached to the Port Harcourt serial killing.
Police spokespersons in Port Harcourt and at the Force Mind office did not come back demands seeking additional information about the murders and arrests overdue Thursday.


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